Every Day I Return

Image: Sunrise unplugged by TassieEye

Every day I return
from the realm of the unseen
This is the gift of the morning
A new day to start out clean

I need a change in my life
feels like I’m hanging in between
The man you see and the one that I am
the one the world has never seen

All my life I have yearned
to know the truth in all your ways
This deep desire forever will burn
even beyond the end of days

But now I’ve come to this place
feels like my world could fall apart
I’ve got to move and get out of this place
and heed the voice inside my heart

I’m calling to you
to show me the way to break through

I’m calling to you
to give me the strength to pull through


Image: earth.moon.galileo by Spirit-Fire

Sometimes when I lay myself down
and all around me is just the stillness of the night
So I close my eyes and I dream
about the heavens and the stars that shine so bright

The Earth seems so lonely in a cold forgotten place
In the Milky Way just a speck of dust floating in the sea of space
A sense of abandonment, feels like we’re out here all alone
Beyond the firmament a universe full of unknowns

Sometimes when I lay myself down
so many questions can keep me up throughout the night
So I hold you close and I find
love is the answer, for all the world a guiding light

The Earth’s not so lonely, it’s not a cold forgotten place
In the Milky Way we will shine like stars, we’ll break the bounds of time and space
There is no abandonment, we’ve never been here all alone
Beyond the firmament the place where hopes and dreams are born

I could never count the times
when I gazed up at the night
wondering where you were
Could I ever be sure?
Would I ever find you?
My one and only love

So many restless nights
gazing up at a million stars
wondering where you were
I know I can be sure
I finally found you
My one and only love

Under the Stars

Image: Waning Crescent Moon by Marlon Malabanan

Under the infinite wisdom of the stars
and the moon’s ever passionate glow
I came to know…

When you held me so tender and warm in your arms
I let go of the fear in my heart
and made a new start with you in my life.

The song of the ocean nearby
the stars twinkling bright in the sky
filling our souls with the music of love
lifting our hearts to the heavens above
falling in love once again…
with you!