Image: Couverte 100×100 n° 27 (26.VI.2011, L’Aleph II), huile sur toile by Renaud Camus

It was long ago in a foreign land
I chose your name, dear Yoshiyahu
Yet I could not begin to understand
For those were the days I did not know you

I was told to choose a name from the book
A name whose powers my soul would imbue
It was your name I unknowingly took
For with it my mother’s faith to renew

A faith I knew was never truly mine
A faith I know is harmless and benign
Yet still a faith that never did align
With the deepest fire of my inner shrine

And thus many years I lived so untrue
Governed more by my fears than by my love
Thus the price was high yet so rightly due
In accordance to laws decreed high above

And then came that night I dreamed a great dream
Through it a sign of life and wisdom came
from a source divine, from a flowing stream
and never again was my life the same

Take heed and rise for now’s truly the time
Too long in ruins your temple has stood
As yet concealed within its deepest shrine
Lies the key to all you’ve misunderstood

Life, enlightened—these two words were revealed
Through a cloudy mist in the sacred tongue
My child yet unborn was a promise sealed
A song to sing in this world still unsung

Behold, the words of that joyful new song
Born in the fall of my fortieth year
The day my temple stood renewed and strong
Breaking the great cloud of all doubt and fear

A song dedicated to you, great king
and to the Light you brought forth from the dark
A song that my heart will forever sing
A heart that holds your indelible mark