Ode to Kabbalah

Image: big bang by Kevin Dooley

From the boundless came this bounded world
one primal thought from which all unfurled
the light descended each time more dense
myriad worlds emerged so immense

And by our will we came to this world
from the timeless place our souls were hurled
with garments of flesh our skin so frail
our vision skewed by a hidden veil

Thus we endure the passing of time
struggling to rise to worlds more sublime
sometimes we run and sometimes we crawl
the labor’s hard and we often fall

And now we’ve come to an age foreseen
by sages wise with vision so keen
age of rising darkness and light
of mounting fear and unknown plight

False doctrines abound rooted in fear
resonate loud in unknowing ear
removing men far from the light
binding some in the dark of night

Yet through darkness we have known the light
through perils born we have known our might
crossing seas of uncertain fate
proving love defeats fear and hate

With the ageless wisdom of truth divine
destined to fulfill the cosmic design
For Your will is king the sages decreed
Yours is the Light through which we shall be freed