Image: Couverte 100×100 n° 27 (26.VI.2011, L’Aleph II), huile sur toile by Renaud Camus

It was long ago in a foreign land
I chose your name, dear Yoshiyahu
Yet I could not begin to understand
For those were the days I did not know you

I was told to choose a name from the book
A name whose powers my soul would imbue
It was your name I unknowingly took
For with it my mother’s faith to renew

A faith I knew was never truly mine
A faith I know is harmless and benign
Yet still a faith that never did align
With the deepest fire of my inner shrine

And thus many years I lived so untrue
Governed more by my fears than by my love
Thus the price was high yet so rightly due
In accordance to laws decreed high above

And then came that night I dreamed a great dream
Through it a sign of life and wisdom came
from a source divine, from a flowing stream
and never again was my life the same

Take heed and rise for now’s truly the time
Too long in ruins your temple has stood
As yet concealed within its deepest shrine
Lies the key to all you’ve misunderstood

Life, enlightened—these two words were revealed
Through a cloudy mist in the sacred tongue
My child yet unborn was a promise sealed
A song to sing in this world still unsung

Behold, the words of that joyful new song
Born in the fall of my fortieth year
The day my temple stood renewed and strong
Breaking the great cloud of all doubt and fear

A song dedicated to you, great king
and to the Light you brought forth from the dark
A song that my heart will forever sing
A heart that holds your indelible mark

Every Day I Return

Image: Sunrise unplugged by TassieEye

Every day I return
from the realm of the unseen
This is the gift of the morning
A new day to start out clean

I need a change in my life
feels like I’m hanging in between
The man you see and the one that I am
the one the world has never seen

All my life I have yearned
to know the truth in all your ways
This deep desire forever will burn
even beyond the end of days

But now I’ve come to this place
feels like my world could fall apart
I’ve got to move and get out of this place
and heed the voice inside my heart

I’m calling to you
to show me the way to break through

I’m calling to you
to give me the strength to pull through

With This Love

Image: Stained glass window at Esholt by  Tim Green

Martin Scorsese’s film The Last Temptation of Christ caused quite a stir when it debuted in 1988. I was sixteen back then, although my opportunity to watch it came much later in life. I recall hearing how the film depicted Jesus as a married man, a notion that seemed unthinkable. I felt an odd sense of curiosity and fear. Was this the work of the devil?

Now, at the age of forty-four, I know this was not the devil’s work. I also know the notion of Jesus as a man who married and even had children has been around for quite some time. The film, in my opinion, is an extraordinary work of art. The music Peter Gabriel created for the film is equally wonderful and is truly one of my favorite soundtracks. With This Love, the twelfth track from the album, is a profoundly beautiful and compelling piece of creative genius originally played on oboe and English horn with synthesizer arrangements in the unique style of the great master himself, Peter Gabriel.

I hope you enjoy my personal rendition of With This Love. It is played on a Steinway German-D with my own synthesizer arrangement.

Ode to Kabbalah

Image: big bang by Kevin Dooley

From the boundless came this bounded world
one primal thought from which all unfurled
the light descended each time more dense
myriad worlds emerged so immense

And by our will we came to this world
from the timeless place our souls were hurled
with garments of flesh our skin so frail
our vision skewed by a hidden veil

Thus we endure the passing of time
struggling to rise to worlds more sublime
sometimes we run and sometimes we crawl
the labor’s hard and we often fall

And now we’ve come to an age foreseen
by sages wise with vision so keen
age of rising darkness and light
of mounting fear and unknown plight

False doctrines abound rooted in fear
resonate loud in unknowing ear
removing men far from the light
binding some in the dark of night

Yet through darkness we have known the light
through perils born we have known our might
crossing seas of uncertain fate
proving love defeats fear and hate

With the ageless wisdom of truth divine
destined to fulfill the cosmic design
For Your will is king the sages decreed
Yours is the Light through which we shall be freed


Image: earth.moon.galileo by Spirit-Fire

Sometimes when I lay myself down
and all around me is just the stillness of the night
So I close my eyes and I dream
about the heavens and the stars that shine so bright

The Earth seems so lonely in a cold forgotten place
In the Milky Way just a speck of dust floating in the sea of space
A sense of abandonment, feels like we’re out here all alone
Beyond the firmament a universe full of unknowns

Sometimes when I lay myself down
so many questions can keep me up throughout the night
So I hold you close and I find
love is the answer, for all the world a guiding light

The Earth’s not so lonely, it’s not a cold forgotten place
In the Milky Way we will shine like stars, we’ll break the bounds of time and space
There is no abandonment, we’ve never been here all alone
Beyond the firmament the place where hopes and dreams are born

I could never count the times
when I gazed up at the night
wondering where you were
Could I ever be sure?
Would I ever find you?
My one and only love

So many restless nights
gazing up at a million stars
wondering where you were
I know I can be sure
I finally found you
My one and only love

This Love

Image: Sky Walker by Hartwig HKD

This love is like a lucid dream
I’m wide awake even when I sleep
it glows sublime, a radiant beam
casting light into our unknown deep

This love intense it ebbs and flows
always between the extreme and mild
We’re free as birds to come and go
Never afraid to unleash the wild

This love was forged before the Earth
In the heart of Eternal Desire
Sprung forth from pure and timeless birth
In the cosmos a star of restless fire

Under the Stars

Image: Waning Crescent Moon by Marlon Malabanan

Under the infinite wisdom of the stars
and the moon’s ever passionate glow
I came to know…

When you held me so tender and warm in your arms
I let go of the fear in my heart
and made a new start with you in my life.

The song of the ocean nearby
the stars twinkling bright in the sky
filling our souls with the music of love
lifting our hearts to the heavens above
falling in love once again…
with you!

Driving at Night

Image:  Beaconsfield by (Mick Baker) rooster

Driving at night
across the bridge
climbing higher and higher
the closest thing
to an airplane
as I see one flying
low over the city
coming in for a landing.

I want to fly
but not in a cockpit
I’d rather be
the one with wings
and then I’d fly
into the dark night
and I’d seek you out
and cure you
of its loneliness